Disability & Special Needs Golf

Disability & Special Needs Golf

Ready Steady Golf program

In 2010 Mark Tibbles was approached by Gary Hart, President of the SA Amputee & Disabled Golf Association (SAADGA) with a view towards expanding the opportunities for people with disabilities to learn and play golf. Together they were instrumental in the foundation of the West Australian Amputee & Disabled Golf Association (WAADGA) and the First Swing program, now re-named Ready Steady Golf.

In 2016, Mark gained an accreditation for Blind & Disabled Coaching with PGA Australia. The Ready Steady Golf Program provides the opportunity for those with special needs to learn the fundamentals of the golf swing and to play golf in a fun, friendly and supportive environment. It also fosters friendships and allows for interaction and socialisation which for many has been an important component in their rehabilitation and wellbeing. 

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