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Conference Venues

Hire Conference Venues in Perth

Why settle for an ordinary city venue when you can give your conference attendees a taste of the beautiful Swan Valley? Just 25 minutes from the Perth CBD, The Vines Resort is a Perth conference venue like no other. It offers all of the modern amenities you would expect from an internationally recognised conference venue with the added benefit of a spectacular backdrop that is guaranteed to provide guests with an experience that is as rejuvinating as it is productive.

With the capacity to accommodate up to 260 conference attendees, our conference facilities offer adaptable rooms & spaces, tailored for business meetings, workshops, social events, or large corporate conferences, there is no better option for corporate conference venue hire in Perth.

A Conference Venue that Showcase WA's Natural Beauty.

Leave an impression on your guests with the exceptional amenities of Perth's most esteemed resort & conference venue. Enjoy state-of-the-art audio-visual technology, a breathtaking backdrop of rolling hills and vineyards, gourmet all-day catering, luxurious accommodation options, and the support of our highly trained event planning team. They're dedicated to meeting every need of your attendees. To discuss hosting a conference with us, please reach out to our dedicated staff via phone or enquiry. We look forward to the opportunity of hosting your event.


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Meeting & Conference Rooms

Barret Lennard Conference Room for Hire

Barrett Lennard Room

Capacity: 260

Generously appointed and spacious, The Barrett Lennard Room is the largest of our indoor facilities, this is simply and classic room with the flexibility for any occasion.

View the Barret Lennard Room

Samuel Copley Room Conference Room for Hire

Samuel Copley Room

Capacity: 160

Warm natural lighting and stunning 180 degree views overlooking the pool and golf course. The Samuel Copley Room is framed with full length windows and French doors opening to a terrace. This venue is refined, but relaxed, to ensure a lasting impression.

View the Samuel Copley Room

Barret Lennard Conference Room for Hire

The Boardroom

Capacity: 30

The Boardroom overlooks the Resort's luscious gardens with double doors leading out to the room's semi private courtyard. With the space's privacy, comfort and style, it is ideal for intimate, exclusive VIP functions.

View the Boardroom

Cabernet Room Conference Room for Hire

Cabernet Room

Capacity: 80

Open garden terrace and encompassing panoramic views of the Swan Valley and adjacent hills with plenty of nature light. An idyllic setting perfect for boutique functions or events.

View the Cabernet Room

Samuel Copley Room Conference Room for Hire

The Pavillion

Capacity: 100

Situated at the front of the resort overlooking the stunning golf course and gardens, this purpose build open air pavilion is the perfect location for sundowners or cocktail events.

View the Pavillion

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Resort Conference Venue Layout Map

Conference Venue Layout & Facilities

All our event and conference rooms offer versatility in layout, design and function. Our poolside terrace is also for summer events.

When hosting a conference with us you will have access to the following services & facilities:

  • Wifi 
  • Private rooms 
  • Accommodation 
  • Catering 

Compare Conference Room Dimensions

Room NameArea (m2)Height (mtr)Theatre SeatingClass RoomU-Shape SeatingBanquet RndOpen Round
Barrett Lennard Rooms 1, 2, 32363.526014080200144
Barrett Lennard Rooms 2, 31573.51401005013088
Barrett Lennard Rooms 1783.57040205040
Samuel Copley Rooms 1, 21782.5160805012072
Samuel Copley Room 1892.57036306032
The Board Room922.73020204032
The Pavilion  10040305040

Our Guide to Perth Conference Venues

Perth is home to some of Australia's best conference venues, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and luxury amenities that you would expect from any of the top conference venues around the world.

Whether you are looking for a larger theatre-style event space for your next conference or a more intimate function room for a small seminar, we are here to help you choose the perfect conference venue.

What factors are important when choosing a Perth conference venue location?

If you are in the process of planning a conference or business event, there are a number of factors you need to consider:

Which area of Perth you should host your conference?

Perth is a sprawling city, offering several dynamic hubs filled with event spaces perfect for hosting your corporate function. Here are some notable areas to consider:

Perth Central Business District (CBD)

The City Centre of Perth, Western Australia, is a bustling area comprising the city's tallest structures, various government buildings, as well as an array of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. It's vibrant nightlife and diverse range of hotels make the CBD an attractive option for hosting a conference.

South Perth

Situated across the Swan River from the CBD, South Perth boasts stunning riverfront views, lush parks, picturesque gardens, and popular cafes. If you're seeking a tranquil location without giving up the proximity to the CBD for your conference, South Perth is an ideal option. However, the limited availability of venues in this area can make it a competitive choice, so early booking is advised.

Swan Valley

Located a mere 25 minutes from the Perth CBD, Swan Valley is the closest wine region to the city. It hosts over 40 wineries, a top-tier golf course, and some of Perth's finest breweries, distilleries, and restaurants. With its proximity to the airport, tourist attractions, and recreational activities, The Swan Valley is an excellent choice for larger events in Perth.


Fremantle is a port city nestled on the Swan River, just 19 kilometres south of Perth's CBD. Known for its historical landmarks, including the Fremantle Prison and the Round House, it also offers a lively arts and cultural scene. Fremantle, with its vibrant nightlife, range of dining options and popular tourist attractions, serves as an enticing choice for conferences. Although it's slightly further from the airport, Fremantle is conveniently accessible via Perth's public transport system.

Perth Hills

Renowned for its undulating hills, vineyards, and forests, the Perth Hills offer an appealing destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Hosting your conference here will impress attendees with breathtaking Perth city skyline views and stunning natural surroundings.

Proximity to Accommodation

When planning a conference, it is important to consider whether attendees will have convenient and affordable accommodation near the event location. Opting for a resort can be an efficient way to ensure that guests are comfortably accommodated and within close range of the conference venue, eliminating unnecessary travel time each day.

Accessibility for National and International Attendees

The ease with which attendees can reach the venue should be a crucial consideration. Factors such as public transportation, driving routes, and proximity to major airports should be taken into account. For instance, The Vines Resort is a mere 20-minute drive from Perth airport, making it an exceptionally convenient location for both national and international events.

Proximity to Amenities

Consider whether there are restaurants, hotels, and attractions nearby that attendees can enjoy during breaks or outside of event hours. In a city locale like the Perth CBD, numerous restaurants and bars are available for conference attendees during their downtime, though some travel may be required to access recreational activities. By contrast, a resort-style venue like The Vines Resort provides guests with access to the resort's bars, restaurants, cafes, and a variety of recreational facilities, including a public golf course, tennis courts, swimming pool, and spa.

Proximity to Local Tourist Attractions

The overall appeal of a location can significantly enhance attendees' experience and potentially increase attendance. Situated in the breathtaking Swan Valley of Perth, The Vines Resort offers conference attendees a tranquil setting in which they can relax during their downtime.

Weather Conditions

For events with outdoor components, local weather patterns are a vital consideration. With Perth holding the title for the sunniest capital city globally, it makes for an ideal location for hosting a conference, especially if outdoor activities are part of the event agenda.

What are the different types of conference venues you should consider?

Hotels & Resorts

Hotels are a popular choice for hosting conferences, particularly for business events. The primary advantage of hotels and Resorts is their ability to provide all-in-one solutions. Many hotels have a range of venue hire options, such as conference rooms or ballrooms with high-end AV and presentation technology. These spaces are often flexible, able to be arranged in various seating configurations to suit the event. Additionally, hotels offer on-site accommodation, and catering services reducing the need for attendees to travel after a long day at the conference. In terms of food and beverage needs, hotels typically offer catering packages for everything from coffee breaks to multi-course meals.

Conference Centres

Conference centres like the Perth Convention Centre are spaces specifically designed to host conferences, seminars, and corporate events. They often provide a more focused environment for professional events, boasting advanced AV and IT support, plentiful breakout spaces for smaller group discussions, and large plenary rooms for keynotes or larger sessions. They're usually equipped with high-speed internet, stage setups, and sometimes even translation services. The layout is often more flexible, enabling customization based on the specifics of the conference.

Academic Venues

Universities and colleges frequently have large auditoriums, lecture halls, and seminar rooms that are suitable for conferences. These venues are typically equipped with technology such as projectors, sound systems, and sometimes even recording equipment for lectures. During university breaks, these spaces often become available for external events. Academic venues also usually have ample breakout spaces, such as libraries or smaller meeting rooms, and can offer an intellectual atmosphere for your conference.

Novel Venues

If you're looking to add a memorable touch to your conference there are a number of unique venue types that you should consider. These can range from museums and art galleries to historical buildings and theatres. Such venues often provide a distinctive backdrop that can contribute to the conference's theme or simply make it more memorable. Depending on the venue, you may also be able to incorporate aspects of the location into your conference program, such as a guided tour of a museum or historical site. However, these types of venues may require more planning in terms of technical setup and catering, as they might not offer the same level of facilities or services as hotels or conference centres.

What is the difference between a conference room and a meeting room?

A meeting room is generally a smaller space designed for smaller groups (usually up to 10-12 people) for presentations, discussions, or collaborative work.

A conference room, on the other hand, is typically a larger space designed to accommodate bigger groups for larger-scale events, like conferences, workshops, seminars, or large meetings. They usually feature more sophisticated audio-visual technology and may also include facilities for simultaneous translation, video conferencing, and more.

What are the essential features of a conference venue?

Size and layout of function rooms

Understanding the size of a conference venue is crucial to finding the perfect venue for your corporate event. It must be able to comfortably accommodate all attendees, ensuring there is sufficient space for movement, networking, and sessions. Size also involves the venue layout - does it have a suitable space for keynote speeches, smaller breakout sessions, or exhibitions if required? Also, consider if the venue has adequate common areas and restaurants for networking or relaxation during breaks.

Here's an idea of how much space you will need based on the number of people at your event either standing or seated:

  • 250 m2
    • Standing Guests: 300
    • Seated Guests: 260 (Theatre Style)
  • 150 m2
    • Standing Guests: 220
    • Seated Guests: 180 (Theatre Style)
  • 100 m2
    • Standing Guests: 140
    • Seated Guests: 100 (Theatre Style)
  • 75 m2
    • Standing Guests: 100
    • Seated Guests: 70 (Theatre Style)
  • 50 m2
    • Standing Guests: 75
    • Seated Guests: 50 (Theatre Style)
Internet connectivity, audio visual technology and infrastructure

All conferences rely heavily on technology to ensure they run smoothly and efficiently. For this reason, it is important that the venue you hire has the following:

  • High-quality audio-visual (AV) equipment, including microphones, projectors, and screens, is essential for presentations.
  • A strong, reliable WiFi connection is a must-have, particularly for larger conferences or those that encourage attendee interaction through mobile apps or social media.
  • Video conferencing facilities for remote speakers or attendees, and on-site technical support for troubleshooting any issues that may arise.
  • On-site technical support, ready to troubleshoot any technical issues promptly.

A key feature of a great venue is accessibility. It allows all attendees, speakers, and vendors to reach and navigate the venue with easy. This encompasses not just geographical location and access to transport, but also considerations like plentiful parking and nearby accommodations. For inclusivity, the venue should also cater to attendees with disabilities, providing features such as ramps, lifts, or hearing loop systems.


No matter your budget, it is imperative to consider all facility requirements of your attendees. Breakout rooms for smaller group discussions or workshops can be beneficial but most importantly, essential facilities such as restrooms should be sufficient for the number of attendees and well maintained. Catering facilities are also a significant consideration - does the venue provide its own, or will you need to hire external caterers? If the conference runs over several days, facilities like coat checks or even on-site accommodation may be necessary and are often not provided by smaller venues.

Professional and supportive staff

The venue's staff can make a significant difference in how smoothly your conference runs. Reception staff will often be the first point of contact for your attendees, so their professionalism and friendliness are key to keeping your attendees happy. It's also important to have a dedicated event manager or contact who can handle any queries or issues on the day, this is often a point that many organisers forgo, but quickly regret. If the venue provides catering, serving staff should be experienced and professional, and technical support staff should be on hand to manage any AV or IT issues. This support allows you to focus on running the event, knowing that the logistics are in safe and capable hands.