The Vines Redevelopment - Phase 2

The Vines Redevelopment - Phase 2

As part of our process to develop plans for the future of The Vines we are offering ongoing opportunities to provide feedback which will help guide our vision to rejuvenate the resort by upgrading the facilities and surrounding precinct for the benefit of existing and future residents, as well as visitors.

We have updated the FAQs below, which provides further information and responses to your feedback.

We wish to thank all those who provided input to the most recent public consultation phase for the proposed Vines redevelopment, which is currently being reviewed by the Vines Resort owner, The Vines (WA) Pty Ltd. While remaining committed to transforming the Resort into a contemporary community hub to meet the recreational and lifestyle needs of the community now and in the future, Vines (WA) does not wish to rush the project.

The current review period is likely to extend until at least mid-2022 at which time a further update will be provided.

Fly Through

Please take a few moments to view the virtual fly-through which has been created to reflect ideas and feedback we received from the first round community consultation including the amount of open space to be retained, the distance between homes, minimum block size and a reduction in the number of proposed lots.

Consultation feedback & responses

1.    Negative impact on amenity and lifestyle

  • Amenity for existing golf course frontage homes on Ellenbrook 9 will change from golf course to open space network.  The change will guarantee the outlook given uncertainty on the viability of maintaining a 36 hole golf course.

  • Lifestyle will be enhanced by improvements/modernisation of facilities.

2.    No guarantee on upgrade of facilities

  • A minimum $5M of the planned $12M upgrade on facilities will occur prior to commencement of land development.
  • Balance of upgrade to occur in concert with land development.
  • Staging of upgrade to be documented as part of final proposal.

3.    What are lot sizes proposed for Ellenbrook 9?

  • Minimum size is 500m2 with average of 650m2.
  • Minimum distance of 30 metres from existing lot boundaries and 40 metres minimum between existing and new homes.
  • These changes have resulted in reduction of 40 lots from first proposal.

4.    Loss of value

  • New housing will continue to be a premium product. New lots will be priced at least as much as golf course frontage lots given. certainty on future outlook, no damage from golf balls and upgrade to facilities. Over $3M to be expended to enhance open space network adjacent new and existing homes.

5.    Negative impact on Flora and Fauna

  • Over 85% of existing green areas within Resort will remain.
  • Over 2,000 new trees to be planted.
  • Golf course has significantly more negative environmental impact given fertiliser and watering regime than proposed open space network.

6.    Reduction in public open space

  • Area of public open space to increase by 27ha as open space network proposed to go from private ownership to public ownership.

7.   Member access to golf course given reduction in holes

  • Access to members course to be comparable to other prestige private course in WA.
  • Corporate days to be limited, with no public access to ‘members only’ course.

8.   Existing driving range not suitable for Retirement Village due to lack of infrastructure

  • The proposal is not for a retirement village but an over 55’s strata development. Residents will own their own home in a secure environment with low ongoing strata fees.

9.    New homes will create extra traffic

  • The design will disperse traffic flow; final approval will be subject to detailed traffic studies.

10.  How will land development be staged

  • Subject to market demand and with premium pricing, a minimum development period of 5 years is expected. Staging can be in order of existing holes.

11. Formal lodgement of plans

  • No plans have been lodged with the City of Swan. The consultation process will extend into the first quarter of 2022. The decision on whether to pursue any formal approval process will be made at that time.

Your Feedback

The phase 2 consultation period has now closed. Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback.

For all media enquiries only, please contact Simon 0400 248 880 or Casey 0413 992 195 from Counsel Communications.