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Float Swan Valley

Float Swan Valley has arrived at the Novotel Vines Resort! We offer two float pods, one white and the first V2 Black Stealth Pod for the ultimate experience in sensory deprivation and relaxation.

Our pods contain 450kg of magnesium salts in 600L of body temperature water to create the perfect floating sensation. Beneficial for reducing the effects of chronic pain, stress, anxiety, and providing you with an hour of just, pure peace.

Sneak away while the kids play mini golf or add a float to your wedding experience at The Vines. We offer the perfect addition for your indulgent spa experience at our neighbouring Keishi Day Spa or your well-deserved weekend getaway with the girls!

Come and treat yourself.

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Float Swan Valley
The Novotel Vines Resort - Verdelho Drive, The Vines WA 6069
P: 9297 0720